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I've decided to post some misc. pictures of stuff from
my collection.
It includes my DVDs and Games, my computer and game setup, and some other cool stuff.

I'm really excited about moving. Having my own place is going to be really fun, and it'll be great to live near all my friends again. I have a feeling I'll need them...badly. I'm going to try and transfer to an EB in Orlando, too. I'm getting the idea that Full Sail won't be as insanely hard as people make it out to be...and my reasoning is this: The majority of people who go to secondary schools, tech schools, etc know nothing of the trade they're studying, and wish to learn it. Thats where I'm different. I'm very educated in the classes I'm taking, so I'm refining my skills, not learning them. Although I expect a good challenge (and welcome it), I'm still confident it will be fun, and easy for me.

That and I need the money from working at EB...or I'll explode from poverty!


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