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"Living under a bridge"

So I'm spending too much money. I've recently come to this conclusion, and it's a hard situation. I have a couple of different sides of my argument, so I'll write them out.

1. I'm spending too much money (duh). I'm going to college, and I need all the money I can save for that. No more spending.

2. I only have a couple of months before I'm permanently poor, so enjoy yourself now. Spend what you can until you have to move and you're forced to spend nothing.

So those are the two main points. Unfortunately, both make perfect sense. But for the most part, #1 is the better point to follow. Basically, all money I spend comes from a bank account with money in it that is my fathers. I'm paying him back, but it's gotten pretty insane. I owe him a shitload of money. And if I keep spending, I won't ever be able to pay him in full. But I plan on paying him back in full. So I have to stop spending. I've spent enough so far (over the summer) so any other things I severely want, I can ask as birthday (July 23rd!) presents.

Sounds good? Good. Now all I have to do is limit myself. Pay him back. I'm probably gonna get a large paycheck this Friday. I'll give him half. No matter what it is.
What sucks more is that my mom wants me to give her a part of each paycheck toward college. But I can't afford that. I need to pay Dad, and pay for gas.

And maybe one or two small things here and there?...NO!

*Edit* I may have to pick up Spider-Man 2 tomorrow...I know I'm's a birthday present to me? Aw, we'll see.


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